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  1. An older adult woman from California might be the second case of community transmission of the novel coronavirus, health officials in Santa Clara County said Friday.
  2. The US State Department on Friday raised its travel advisory for Italy to the second-highest-level warning, Level 3: Reconsider Travel, due to the novel coronavirus.
  3. A new case of coronavirus in California "marks a turning point," according to the state's public health director, because the patient has no related travel history and no known exposure to coronavirus. Dr. Alok Patel joins Anderson Cooper to answer your coronavirus questions live. Watch "Full Circle" weeknights at 5 p.m. ET.
  4. CNN's Brian Stelter discusses how President Trump's media allies are downplaying the coronavirus.
  5. • John King: This is a new level of fear-mongering • Opinion: Pence is the wrong guy for this job
  6. • CNN Poll: Sanders holds big leads in California and Texas ahead of Super Tuesday vote
  7. • Stocks post worst week since financial crisis • Tax cuts, tariff relief, travel restrictions: White House hunts for options to contain virus fallout
  8. • Trump says he will nominate US Ambassador to Norway to be next Navy Secretary
  9. A federal appeals court Friday dismissed the US House of Representatives' lawsuit seeking to force former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify, in a major win for the White House in its attempts to block officials from testifying to Congress.
  10. The remains of a teen, who was missing for two days, have been found in a lion enclosure at Lahore Safari Zoo in Pakistan.
  11. The final "early" vote of the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination fight happens on Saturday in South Carolina.
  12. As the number of women who accuse a former Columbia University gynecologist of sexual assault keeps growing -- it currently stands at 78 -- new evidence has emerged that indicates university officials were warned about his behavior decades ago.
  13. The family of the employee who killed five co-workers at the Molson Coors complex in Milwaukee before taking his own life on Friday expressed "terrible sadness and heartache over the tragic incident."
  14. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently praised Cuba's literacy program that was launched shortly after Fidel Castro's revolution. CNN's Patrick Oppmann spoke with two teachers who were part of the program.
  15. On Thursday friends and family laid to rest the well-known Los Angeles sex therapist and author Amie Harwick, who was found dead earlier this month in her Hollywood Hills home. Police had responded to neighbor reports of a "woman screaming." A former boyfriend, Gareth Pursehouse, was charged with one count of murder in her death and one count of first-degree residential burglary. Harwick was 38.
  16. Clearview AI has been suspended from Apple's developer program for flouting its policies, the latest controversy to hit the face recognition app.
  17. Families are demanding action from law enforcement after dozens of Native American girls and women in Montana have disappeared and been found dead. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.
  18. French automaker Citroën has unveiled the Ami, a tiny electric car that's designed from the outset to be as cheap as possible. The car isn't very fast and it looks a bit like a washing machine, but it only costs €6,000, or the equivalent of about $6,600.
  19. A "Wheel of Fortune" contestant was able to guess a five-word puzzle with only two letters given.
  20. A woman has died after taking a single sip of wine laced with the drug MDMA, prosecutors in the Belgian city of Antwerp have said.
  21. South Korean men have long embraced beauty products deemed unmarketable to their Western counterparts. Over the past decade, they have become the world's biggest male spenders on skincare, a market that grew by 44% in the country between 2011 and 2017, according to Euromonitor.
  22. Police in Moscow seized a fully-functional Batmobile replica based on the one featured in 2016's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."
  23. Justin Timberlake started a fierce debate on social media when he declared Samoas to be his favorite Girl Scout cookies over Thin Mints.
  24. "Superstore" will have to continue without its super star America Ferrera.
  25. The race is off for now at CBS' "The Amazing Race" due to the coronavirus.
  26. Much like how animation helped build Disney's empire, monster movies like 1931's "Frankenstein" and 1941's "The Wolf Man" helped identify Universal as a major studio in the early days of Hollywood. Now one of the studio's classic monsters, the Invisible Man, is back.
  27. Last week, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt Le Blanc and Matthew Perry took to their Instagram feeds to confirm the long-held suspicions of fans around the world: the "Friends" gang is getting back together for a reunion.
  28. Pop star Bebe Rexha opened up to Self magazine about her bipolar disorder and how it has affected her career.
  29. A Texas art teacher who was placed on administrative leave after talking about "her future wife" in class hopes her settlement with a school district will change the lives of other LGBTQ people.
  30. Drug overdoses can be life threatening, but for two women who accidentally took massive hits of LSD the experience was life changing -- and in a good way.
  31. President Donald Trump's campaign is rolling out a black voter outreach plan featuring the word 'woke,' and Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon can't stop laughing.
  32. Corona beer isn't making any changes to its advertising despite the name's unfortunate similarity to the deadly coronavirus.
  33. Earlier this year, a family of three women from New Zealand -- a mom and her two adult daughters -- made headlines around the world when they were denied the business class seats they'd paid for on a Thai Airways flight because they were too big to fit into them.
  34. Plant-based foods are all the rage right now, and vertical farms are capitalizing on the trend.

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