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  1. • Live updates: FDA document says benefit of boosters may be 'limited' • The countries vaccinating kids against Covid • Opinion: The tricky agenda behind vaccine resistance
  2. • Live updates: FDA document says benefit of boosters may be 'limited' • The countries vaccinating kids against Covid • Opinion: The tricky agenda behind vaccine resistance
  3. Schools are in session, Covid-19 restrictions are being relaxed en masse and the Delta variant is raging worldwide, creating a maelstrom of confusion for parents on how to best protect their unvaccinated children.
  4. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta took on one of the hardest interviews, taking questions from children. He met with elementary students in Atlanta to answer their questions about Covid-19 and how to stay safe. They spoke outside in masks in compliance with school policy.
  5. When President Joe Biden announced a raft of new vaccine requirements last week -- for federal employees as well as businesses with over 100 employees -- he drew the administration into a debate that had already been roiling corporations that had instituted their own mandates. What is industry -- and now, government -- to do about vaccine resisters, especially those drawing on religious exemptions?
  6. • Analysis: Donald Trump is gaslighting us on the January 6 riot • Officials are preparing for the worst ahead of tomorrow's rally • Analysis: Americans are divided into two media worlds, survey shows
  7. • Analysis: We're now seeing how 'profoundly unfortunate' RBG's absence from SCOTUS is
  8. The world's largest tree has been wrapped in foil to protect it against flames from an out-of-control fire burning in California's scenic Sequoia National Park.
  9. • A timeline of missing 22-year-old's case
  10. More than 9,500 migrants who have arrived at the US border in the past 48 hours are living under a bridge, and thousands more migrants are expected in the coming days. CNN's Rosa Flores reports.
  11. Gen. Mark Milley on Friday defended the calls he placed to his Chinese counterpart during Donald Trump's final months in office as "perfectly within the duties and responsibilities" of his job as the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Wall Street Journal reported.
  12. China has denied a German warship on a mission to the contested South China Sea entry into a harbor, a German Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday.
  13. The World Bank says it will stop publishing its annual Doing Business economic report after an independent investigation found bank leaders placed "undue pressure" on staffers to alter data to inflate the rankings for China and Saudi Arabia in 2018 and 2020 editions of the report.
  14. Dan Busch, the Florida chiropractor who signed more than 100 medical exemptions for kids not to wear masks in schools sits down for a one-on-one interview with CNN's Randi Kaye after previously declining to answer her questions.
  15. In Washington, sooner or later, everything comes down to China.
  16. A voting app created by allies of prominent Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny was removed from Google and Apple's online stores in Russia just as polls opened for parliamentary elections, according to a series of tweets from Navalny's team on Friday.
  17. The White House is warning states that a default caused by failing to raise the federal debt limit could result in drastic cutbacks to disaster relief, Medicaid, school funding and other programs.
  18. Roger Stone, longtime associate of former President Donald Trump, was served a lawsuit involving January 6 during a live radio appearance on "Tomorrow's News Today."
  19. Jane Powell, the star of some of Hollywood's best-loved Golden Age musicals, has died at the age of 92.
  20. • These are the deaths and investigations connected to the Murdaugh family
  21. Safety has long been a paramount concern for travelers when it comes to deciding which destination to visit.
  22. The will of Prince Philip, the late husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, will be sealed and remain private for at least 90 years to preserve the monarch's dignity, a judge at London's High Court has ruled.
  23. Ehtesab -- which roughly translates to "accountability" -- is an Afghan-created app that verifies instances of explosions, power outages, checkpoints, and other need-to-know information in Kabul. Since the Taliban took control of the city, the app has seen a surge in downloads.
  24. An unusual illness is on the rise in the United States, especially in states that have legalized marijuana. Habitual users of cannabis, including teenagers, are showing up in emergency rooms complaining of severe intestinal distress.
  25. CNN's Stephanie Elam has a preview of the 2021 Primetime Emmy Awards.
  26. I worked recently with a 25-year-old man struggling at his job. He described difficulty thinking clearly and missing too many days. And his relationship with his girlfriend was nearly over due to his admitted neglect. Diagnosed with both depression and anxiety, he said he felt disengaged in his life. He had been in therapy before for a couple of years, and had tried medications for depression, anxiety and attention issues. Nothing seemed to work.
  27. Another judge from "The Activist" has spoken up regarding backlash against the show.
  28. Floating and stinging as it explores the boxing icon's life inside the ring and out, "Muhammad Ali" is another epic Ken Burns-produced dive into the life of an influential 20th-century figure, coming on the heels of "Hemingway." Much has said about Ali, but going the distance with this four-part PBS documentary makes it feel like, well, the greatest.
  29. Anderson Cooper explains his early hesitation with his Vanderbilt family roots. Watch Anderson Cooper Full Circle on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.
  30. A 28-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the killing of Faith Danielle Hedgepeth, a 19-year-old University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student who was found dead in her off-campus apartment in 2012, officials said Thursday.
  31. As Donald Trump returns to Georgia later this month, criminal investigators in the state have been quietly conducting interviews, collecting documents and working to build a line of communication with congressional investigators as they aim to build a case against the former President for his alleged attempts to overturn the state's 2020 election results.
  32. Ohio Republican Rep. Anthony Gonzalez's retirement announcement made national headlines on Thursday night as he savaged former President Donald Trump and the GOP complicit in his continued status as its leader.
  33. • Republican who voted to impeach Trump will not run in 2022 • Analysis: Paul Ryan was convinced Donald Trump had narcissistic personality disorder • Video: 'We're coming for you': Election director shares threatening voicemail
  34. Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) joins New Day to talk about the threat of a right-wing rally in Washington, DC, and says GOP leaders are staying silent to ride the extremist wave for the 2022 election.
  35. Paul Ryan knew that he had a problem. Donald Trump had been elected president and now Ryan, as the Republican Speaker of the House, had to find ways to work with him -- despite the two men's totally opposite approaches to life and politics.
  36. By the time the voting ended Tuesday night, the defeat of the effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom was widely expected.
  37. In theory, sushi is a simple thing to be enjoyed in almost any way you like.

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