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  1. She is only 48 and could easily serve more than three decades on the Supreme Court. But no matter how long Justice Amy Coney Barrett sits on the bench, the conditions under which she started are not likely to fade soon from the nation's memory.
  2. Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice, and addresses a crowd gathered at the White House.
  3. Amy Coney Barrett avoided giving her opinion on Roe v. Wade during her confirmation hearing. While judges typically try not to weigh in on controversial legal issues, previous nominees have talked about abortion differently.
  4. With Amy Coney Barrett now seated on the Supreme Court, Republicans are pushing for reconsideration of a Pennsylvania case on mail-in voting -- the first potential test of how the new justice will handle election challenges.
  5. • Democratic senators warn the filibuster may have to go if they take back the Senate • Analysis: How Trump is dragging down fellow Republicans
  6. • Biden makes play for red states in final days of campaign as Trump narrows his focus • Opinion: Whoever wins, Americans desperately need this
  7. In August, Russian state media rolled out the red carpet for a bombshell announcement -- President Vladimir Putin, from his residence outside Moscow, unveiled what he said was the world's first registered coronavirus vaccine, meant to bring Russia closer to the end of a devastating pandemic.
  8. Earlier this year, Gabrielle Perry went on one of the best dates she'd ever had.
  9. In a 1990 CNN interview reviewed by CNN's KFile, President Donald Trump walked off when reporter Charles Feldman pressed him on questions over the financial stability of his Atlantic City casinos.
  10. More folks are voting early than ever before. As of Monday afternoon, more than 60 million people have voted so far. That not only surpasses where we were at this point in 2016, it blows past the total number of people who voted early that year.
  11. At least 30 Philadelphia officers were injured as protests erupted overnight after police shot and killed a man who waved a knife while standing on a city street.
  12. Usually college campuses in Pennsylvania would be filled with volunteers trying to register and cajole the ever-elusive student voter. But during the pandemic, Democrats have had to rewrite their campus playbook to encourage progressive first-time voters to cast their ballots.
  13. In the months leading up to his sentencing Tuesday for crimes tied to a group called Nxivm, its founder, Keith Raniere, has been "unrepentant" and has -- from behind bars -- directed efforts to "cast himself as a victim" of persecution, federal prosecutors say.
  14. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are threatening to sue The Lincoln Project over billboards the organization erected in New York City's Times Square. CNN's Brianna Keilar and Lauren Fox report.
  15. Jamie Foxx is mourning the death of his beloved sister.
  16. A "massive" new reef measuring 500 meters (about 1,600 feet) has been discovered in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, making it taller than some of the world's highest skyscrapers.
  17. A wildfire that nearly quadrupled in size Monday, prompted tens of thousands of people to evacuate and caused two firefighters to suffer critical injuries may have been started by a power company's equipment.
  18. Hurricane Zeta made landfall in Mexico Monday night, bringing heavy rains and possible storm surge to a region struck by Delta just three weeks ago.
  19. The confidential records of thousands of psychotherapy patients in Finland have been hacked and some are now facing the threat of blackmail.
  20. The family of Javier Ambler II, a Black man who died during an arrest last year, filed a federal suit Sunday against Williamson County, Texas, for wrongful death, according to the 29-page complaint obtained by CNN.
  21. Scientists have eradicated what's believed to be the first Asian giant hornet nest in the United States.
  22. Shoppers expect to pull back on purchasing gifts for their families and friends this holiday season, and that may not bode well for retailers.
  23. Prior to becoming a prominent backer of Donald Trump, Kayleigh McEnany praised then-Vice President Joe Biden as "funny and likable" and a "man of the people" who resonates with "middle class voters."
  24. Happiness expert Laurie Santos explains to CNN's Anderson Cooper the biological reason why deep breaths help calm us. Watch "Full Circle" every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.
  25. Track US cases | Your questions, answered
  26. In just one week, the fall surge in Covid-19 infections added nearly half a million cases to the national total.
  27. As colleges and universities deal with coronavirus outbreaks, the question of whether these institutions made the right decision in bringing students back on campus continues to be a topic of national conversation.
  28. Olivia Troye, a former staffer on Vice President Mike Pence's coronavirus task force, tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer that she isn't surprised members of Pence's team have contracted Covid-19 and that she still worries that Pence "isn't out of the woods."
  29. Model Emily Ratajkowski has announced her pregnancy with a personal essay exploring questions of her unborn child's gender and identity.
  30. It's been less than a month since Eddie Van Halen died and his son is ticked off about a rumor making the rounds.
  31. The NBC variety show opened its latest episode with Alec Baldwin's Trump taking on Jim Carrey's Joe Biden in the final presidential debate.
  32. King Trimble is 7, and, since June 2018, he's visited over a dozen countries, including Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. He wasn't by himself. He was with his parents, Dale and DamiAna Trimble, and his younger siblings, Legend and Love, on a lengthy trip around the world.
  33. Overtourism was the travel buzzword of 2019, as destinations around the globe, from the hiking trails of Machu Picchu to the canals of Venice, battled the impact of throngs of visitors.
  34. Tens of thousands of US and Japanese troops will begin a massive island-landing exercise in the Pacific later this week as part of joint military operations seen as a warning to China that Washington backs Tokyo over Beijing's claim to Japanese-controlled islands.

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